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    Call2Car Application

    You write to the vehicle registration number anonymously. 6 message templates available from stock. For Free
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    Call2Car Application

About Call2Car

Improves communication

The Call2Car app provides the road users with the possibility of anonymous, direct communication using the registration number of the vehicle.

Meets the needs

The analysis shows that most road users encountered a situation where contact with the car driver is necessary, however, there was no such possibility.

It makes (you make) the world for the better place

Join the community of responsible drivers. be more aware of the driving culture on the road, through a direct anonymous exchange of information using the call2car app.

6 types of ready to use messages

Car2Car allows you to send a predefined message in the style:

  • could you please re- park your car?
  • your car is leaking out
  • the lights in your car are turned off
  • I would like to buy your car
  • would you like to drink coffee?

Download The Application



If you are using an older version of the software than Android 4.4 and iOS 11.0, upgrade to the latest version to be able to fully use the application. Free up memory space by deleting unnecessary files to get the most out of Call2Car features.


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