• Call2Car Application

    You write to the vehicle registration number anonymously. 4 message templates available from stock.
  • Call2Car Application

About Call2Car

The best, the only such an application for drivers in the world.


The best, the only such application in the World for drivers and for those who are not drivers. One click can protect You against an attack also in a medical situation can save Your life or Your health! We all should have it!

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Completely anonymous without a message history after reading disappears. The possibility of contact with someone who don’t know.

Three unique features:
- Quick help,
- Danger on the road,
- Ability to create a group of users below one number up to 100 users

Get to know the Call2Car application


4 messages
ready to use

Car2Car allows you to send a predefined message in the style:
1. the lights in your car are turned off,
2. Warning, Check your car,
3. would you like to have a coffee?,
4. could you please re- park your car?


Call for help
cars nearby

At the moment of danger – a new functionality ”quick help” is sending message to 5 nearest users ask for help with your current location on the map. Users of aplication Call2Car can reach us within 5 minutes, which are crucial in the case of life threatening.


Danger on the road
Notify and get notification

Did you see dangerous situaction on the road? – notify other users of App about this fact. New funcionality send location on the map and everyone users App within a radius 5 kilometers will see that places on the map of a smartphone. So they can react to a potencially dangerous situaction earlier.


Ability to make
a group users

The group can count up to 100 users. In this way writing a message - with one click we can send it to all of users in the group.

How to create a group of users? Click 2 times on the icon "group". Name your group, for example "John" and append your friends. To send the message, select the name of the group, write the text and click Send bellow. The message will go to all your friends.

Download the Application


If you are using an older version of the software than Android 4.4 and iOS 11.0, upgrade to the latest version to be able to fully use the application. Free up memory space by deleting unnecessary files to get the most out of Call2Car features.


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